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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RealGuard

RealGuard is a rapidly deployable CCTV system that can integrate into any market.

Who is RealGuard

RealGuard is a specialised video guarding company and forms part of the Paul-Tec Security Group.

What is a RealGuard system

RealGuard has three system variants, they are SiteMaster3, 4 and 5, with varying capabilities and functionality, all designed to be scaled to any environment, and budget.

How does a SiteMaster work

The SiteMaster systems use high resolution security cameras with advanced analytics to monitor, detect and respond to any event the cameras identify.

How long does it take to deploy a system

On average to commission any of the SiteMaster systems will take an hour, excluding any unforeseen cabling required.

Which system should I use

As each SiteMaster system can be tailored to any environment, one of our RealGuard technicians will advise on the best option(s) to suit your operational security needs.

How are the SiteMaster systems powered

Each system can operate on mains power, or solar, none are diesel generators, but are instead supported by lithium batteries.

How long can a system last on solar

A SiteMaster can run continuously on solar, but in bad weather the batteries on a SiteMaster 3 can last up to 40 hours before requiring a charge, and the SiteMaster 4 and 5 between 3-4 days on battery power.

Can I view the cameras live

Yes. You can access your cameras live via the NX Witness mobile app that will be provided to you as part of the installation.

How long does a system installation take

Timeframes can be dependent on volume and location, but as an example a rapid deployment of a SiteMaster 3 wall or pole mounted unit can take an hour to be deployed and commissioned, similarly with our trailer-based units. All systems are tested and prepared prior to any deployment to minimise on site disruption.

Can I view past recordings or history

Yes. You will have access to past recorded events up to 3 years historically.

Are the cameras monitored

RealGuard owns and operates a graded and certified AS2202.2.A1 monitoring centre. All operators hold a 1E security license.

How are the cameras monitored if something happens

The cameras can have designated times when they are to actively monitor the environment, and when something or someone is detected, it will trigger an alert in our monitoring centre for the operator to investigate live and determine next steps to take.

Does the RealGuard software work with my existing CCTV system

Yes. RealGuard has its own software overlay called Interfaccia. This software can integrate onto any existing CCTV system.

Does RealGuard work with existing analogue cameras

Yes. If the expense of swapping your camera system out to a digital version is to costly, RealGuard can integrate and monitor your existing analogue system.

What is NX Witness

This is the viewing software that enables access to live view any and all cameras assigned to your log in credentials, also to view historic events. This is available on PC and mobile app.

What models of camera do you use

RealGuard utilises an array of cameras based upon the job they need to do, and the environment they are to work in. Our technicians will be on hand to advise you.

What camera brands do you use

RealGuard uses leading camera brands such as Axis, Dahua, Mobotix and Hikvision.

What kind of analytics do your cameras have

All cameras used by RealGuard have AI analytics rather than standard analytics, this enables a more advanced and responsive solution. The AI analytic cameras deployed is based on the scope requirements.

How do I know which system I need

The RealGuard service and technical department will assist in answering any questions you may have regarding your security requirements, and advise you based upon site size, budget, camera coverage etc.

Will your technicians come to site and conduct a site scope

Yes. Its in our best interest to physically come and visit you and your location you want protecting to better understand deployment logistics and discuss our solution with you prior to quoting and acceptance.

What licenses do your technicians hold

The RealGuard technicians are highly skilled and hold a cablers license and 2C security license as standard.

Costs from as little as
Non-capes 100% tax deductable expense
**Typical day savings of $400, average cost of 12-hour guard cost compared with 24-hour SiteMaster3 live video guarding deployment
Better than an onsite guard for a fraction of the cost.
Costs from as little as
Non-capes 100% tax deductable expense
**Typical day savings of $400, average cost of 12-hour guard cost compared with 24-hour SiteMaster3 live video guarding deployment
Better than an onsite guard for a fraction of the cost.

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