The Paul-Tec Security Group owns and operates its own monitoring centre - specialising in RealGuard 'event activated' live video guarding, tracking and response.

Independent ASIAL certification to Australian Standard 2201.2.A1 is your guarantee of structural and redundant systems compliance, and assured conformity with stringent staff training and ongoing performance measures mandated by the Australian Standard.

Why monitor your alarm system?

Back-to-base monitoring is a key element for anyone seeking serious security protection, with insurers often requiring this level of coverage as a compliance necessity. When a monitored security detector activates at your premises, the alarm panel automatically calls the monitoring centre in a matter of seconds as well as sounding local sirens. Trained personnel quickly follow agreed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to verify if the alarm is valid, and if there's any doubt can immediately dispatch security patrols or other responding personnel.

You literally have trained Operators capable of watching over you and your property anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our wholly owned certified monitoring centre.

Some may suggest that it is sufficient to have their security alarm system just dialling back to their mobile phone. The obvious issue with this apparent ‘easy’ solution is that you may not always have your mobile switched on, you may be asleep, or you may be in a meeting unable to be interrupted. Paul-Tec has a totally unique solution that covers all the bases, however, for those wanting to rely primarily mainly on their mobile phone…. It’s called


Paul-Tec’s patented iMonitor solution sends any alarm directly through to your mobile phone, and provided you are able to respond there is no further involvement by Paul-Tec. If however you are unable to respond for any reason, then the alarm will revert to Paul-Tec operators to action in compliance with your agreed response procedures. So iMonitor facilitates a highly affordable monitoring solution for medium risk situations where cost efficiency is paramount.

Call us anytime to discuss how Paul-Tec’s patented iMonitor technology can work for you.

Talk with our operators anytime, or bypass queues with unique monitoring automation!

If you prefer to talk with our operators, we’re always there for you 24x7 and guarantee to answer your phone call within four rings! If you prefer instantaneous automated response to most security alarms, however, our unique RealGuard automated monitoring platform guarantees immediate and accurate alarm response actions – with no queuing delays! Here’s how Paul-Tec’s automated alarm monitoring platform works:

Automated Monitoring

Private Encrypted Network

Intruder Alarms

A priority SMS message is sent to listed emergency contacts momentarily afteryour alarm activates, sent sequentially or simultaneously depending on your SOP’s.Flexible options are also available to ensure you won’t inadvertently miss an SMSalarm notification late at night. If listed contacts fail to confirm SMS receipt, orconfirm that they want Paul-Tec operators to manage the alarm response (bypushing a button on their mobile phone), then our operators will follow through toaction your SOP’s to event resolution. The same automated SMS contact sequenceis also available for other classifications of less critical alarms such as mains powerfail, low standby battery, partial seal, industrial alarms etc.

‘Late to Close’ Alarms

Anyone listed as an after-hours emergency business contact will agree there is nothing worse than getting home only to be phoned by the monitoring centre to say that their business alarm has not been set! Most monitoring centres have to work through long ‘late to close notifications’ (LTC) lists, phoning when time allows and often with several hours delay. Paul-Tec’s unique monitoring platform, however, sends out SMS messages to listed emergency contacts within minutes of your normal expected business closing time, a much better solution.

Emergency alarms

Panic, Hold Up or Medical alarms of course are always handled by operators personally and immediately at top of any queue.

And for customers with higher security risk profiles, you are now able to upgrade your Paul-Tec security monitoring to RealGuard live video guarding.

WhyREALGUARDLive Video Guarding is a Better Option

With Paul-Tec’s unique live video guarding platform (Detect, Deter, Defend) you now have access to the very best security solution, RealGuard live video guarding technology (please click onto our Live Video Guarding video for more details.)

Until recently the only viable options available to secure high risk sites centred around onsite security guards (very expensive), random mobile patrols (minimal ad hoc deterrent), CCTV cameras (viewable next day following a break-in), or alarms (only triggering after a break-in has occurred and with unavoidable delayed response.)

Of course all RealGuard digital hi-res cameras record 24x7 locally at your premises like any ordinary CCTV system to assist with WHS, controlling internal theft, etc. The key difference, however, is that RealGuard is all about effectively ‘warning off’ detected would-be intruders and ‘stopping crime before it happens.’ RealGuard Detects, Deters & Defends by electronically sensing intruders approaching protected areas, momentarily triggering live video to the RealGuard Remote Video Guarding Centre (RVGC.) This video is viewed in real time by our remotely located security officers, who immediately respond to verified intrusions by issuing audio warnings and/or contacting Police:

“This is RealGuard security… are trespassing on private property….your actions are being viewed and recorded. Police have been advised….”

You literally have your own licensed security officer challenging detected potentialintruders and liaising directly with Police in real time. Key benefits of deployingRealGuard compared with onsite guards (typically costing more than $500.00 for a12-hour shift) are that remotely located RealGuard security officers respondimmediately to detected intruder trespass in the same manner as an onsite guardat much lower cost! Plus all incidents and responses are stored on evidentiaryvideo accessible by you with full transparency.

Experience shows that 98%+ of all detected intruders immediately vacate when warned off - before they have had the opportunity to damage/vandalize buildings, steal equipment or access critical site facilities.

RealGuard warning signs (compliant with privacy laws) are also displayed around perimeter fencing to deter would-be intruders. Additionally, your authorised personnel will have capability to remotely view RealGuard cameras anytime from anywhere to check what’s happening on site in real time.

Preferred Monitoring Vendors

Opportunities exist for a limited number of reputable electronic security providers toreduce costs & increase their monitoring income by participating in Paul-Tec’s ‘PreferredMonitoring Vendor’ and/or ‘RealGuard Preferred Live Video Guarding’ programs.

Call our Monitoring Centre Manager anytime for details.


If within 30 days we fail to perform as promised and you are not 100% satisfied with our alarm monitoring or live video guarding services, you will not be charged for that period and may cancel the service without penalty.