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Case Study: Sydney Trains Lithgow


Sydney Trains Lithgow

Sydney Trains has been faced with a number of major public safety issues at Coalcliff and Kingswood where people were illegally entering the railway corridor or crossing rail tracks, endangering themselves and with potential litigation issues for Sydney Trains.

A RealGuard solar powered SiteMaster3 live video guarding tower was deployed for 2-6 months to address the issue.

A second RealGuard tower was successfully deployed at Coalcliff for several month due to the size of the rail corridor and viewing area, and a successful overall outcome was achieved with serious incidents and potential intruder harm avoided.

Outcome: During the period many trespassers were ‘warned off’ when identified in the rail corridor by RealGuard, and the dangerous practice was essentially curtailed. The Kingswood RealGuard tower deployment also had peripheral positive impact by substantially reducing graffiti attacks on adjacent fencing.

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