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Case Study: Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness

In 2013 Paul-Tec worked closely with Anytime Fitness who were seeking ways to increase member safety in a 24×7 open environment, while at the same time minimising litigation potential. The unique design adaptation of RealGuard to provide AF with a greatly enhanced safety solution was immediately adopted by hundreds of their Australian gyms, and has since been expanded into many other countries.

At the bequest of Anytime Fitness in 2014, Paul-Tec opened offices in Kuala Lumpur managed by Jacey Wong. Jacey manages a team of talented multi-lingual technical and relationship specialists overseeing Paul-Tec operations in nine Asia countries.

A measure of respect the and confidence shown by Anytime Fitness in Paul-Tec’s Asia support teams success in a challenging environment was award of ‘Vendor of the Year’….. performance recognition never before awarded to any AF security vendor worldwide!

With over 7 years in partnership with Anytime Fitness and Provision Security to supply, install and monitor Anytime Fitness clubs across Australia, NZ, and Asia, places us as the provider of choice for your required security needs to ensure your compliance, and the safety of your club and its members.

Paul-Tec currently provides monitoring and support services to over 550 Anytime Fitness clubs across 10 countries, they are:

The Paul-Tec Group has an excellence for quality installations and customer service, we fully understand the pressures franchisees may be under in getting a new or existing club operational, our aim is to help make that process as seamless as possible, whilst maintaining your budget to make it happen.

We have a dedicated management and technical support team whose sole responsibility is to be an end-to-end support for Anytime Fitness clubs, franchisees, and Anytime Fitness administration.

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